European Digital Innovation Hub: Northern & Western Ireland Region

Data-based innovation for circular economy, operations and sustainability.

Disruptive Technologies

Explore our list of disruptive technologies that outline our strengths as a European Digital Innovation Hub.

Our innovative consortium

Discover our unique partnership structure which allows us to move breaking digital technologies from our universities to start-ups, SMEs and the public sector via our network of digital hubs, tech transfer gateways and business support agencies

Northern & Western Region: Ireland

Northern & Western Region of Ireland

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Technological Objectives


Disruptive Technology


Technological Ecosystem


Technological Services


How we can help...

How we can help
  • Consultancy, Feasibility Studies, Workshops.
  • Innovation Projects and Pilots .
  • Technology & Sectoral Skills Assistance
  • Digital Maturity Assessments and support
  • One-stop for all the Region’s Universities, Centres  and Agencies.
  • Access to Ireland & Europe EDIH Partners.
  • Support Circular economy and sustainability.
  • 100% Discount to Clients

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